Climate and Environmental Justice

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Harm to the environment has a vastly unequal impact on Americans depending on the color of their skin and how much money they have. Both climate change and toxic pollution are compounding the consequences of  discriminatory housing, labor and economic policies. Public Integrity’s investigative reporting confronts this type of inequality and illuminates the impact of efforts to address it.

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1 in 2

Share of American children under 6 with detectable levels of lead in their blood, among those tested between late 2018 and early 2020. There is no safe level.


The number of uranium mine waste sites on Navajo Nation land, left by federal government contractors. Uranium contamination is harmful to the health of residents.

50 vs. 1

Percentage of Houston-area residents experiencing powerful or severe emotional distress after Hurricane Harvey vs. the share who received FEMA counseling services.

IN-DEPTH investigations

Harm’s Way

Dangerous heat, unequal consequences

Mario Wilcox won’t set out in the summer without an emergency kit in his car trunk: a cooler with an ice pack and a blanket. He learned this improvised life saver from his time in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; ice and a wet cloth can cool down an overheated body. Now he finds it vital in the intensifying heat…

TOXIC Legacy

Hidden Epidemics

The background is a pattern with the Public Integrity logo integrated into it.


Find out how you can stop the cycle of lead poisoning in your area.

Learn about steps that can help with mental health after disasters like floods.

Get data on disaster-preparation funding and buyouts in your community.

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In the early 2000s, Kris Penny was installing fiber-optic cable beneath Florida streets. Now, at 39, he’s suffering from mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer almost always caused by asbestos exposure. He’s caught in the lurking “third wave” of asbestos disease in America. (Video by Eleanor Bell and Maryam Jameel.)

Farming’s growing problem

ROCKWELL CITY, Iowa — Everywhere Randy Souder looked, he saw mud. On his soggy fields. In the mechanized crannies of his…

The background is a pattern with the Public Integrity logo integrated into it.


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Center for Public Integrity wins first Pulitzer Prize

A landmark Center for Public Integrity investigation detailing controversial denials of black lung benefits to coal miners has been honored with a Pulitzer Prize. The winning series, “Breathless and Burdened: Dying from Black Lung, Buried by Law and Medicine,” was a year-long investigation by…

EPA plans more aggressive civil-rights reviews

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Civil Rights will more aggressively evaluate recipients of EPA funding to ensure their compliance with federal civil-rights laws, the office said in a draft Strategic Plan released last week. Billed as an effort that “invigorates the EPA’s civil-rights mission,” the…

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Johns Hopkins terminates black lung program

Johns Hopkins Medicine said Wednesday that it has discontinued its black lung program, the subject of a Center for Public Integrity-ABC News investigation that showed how coal companies routinely beat back sick coal miners’ disability claims with help from doctors…

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